Discover the why behind the buy and increase your marketing efficiency.

We provide you with an unvarnished view of your costumer’s experience with your brand and products so that you can make informed decisions. All powered by AI-generated insights.

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How does it work?

Birdie analyzes the sources that most influence your customers. We extract, clean, and structure all the useful data, generating real-time actionable product insights that allow you to develop better marketing and product strategies.



After understanding the sources that most impact your sales, Birdie uses its powerful AI engines to collect all the relevant data.

We continuously collect information, giving you the most up-to-date and impactful insights.


Analyze & Structure

All the content is carefully cleaned, analyzed, and structured into datasets that only hold information about a single product.

Each dataset is further broken down into product attributes created according to their relevance, frequency, and recentness.


Actionable Insights

Once Birdie has drilled down and found the most relevant product attributes, we use our NLG-based technology to generate the most actionable and impactful insights.

Gain an unparalleled in-depth understanding of your brand, products, and competitors with Birdie

Birdie’s AI-powered solution allows brands to have a single view of consumers, experts, and influencers, all in a single place, and to view live reports with different combinations. It also goes from a broad view to anything as specific as what consumers are saying about an aspect of your product versus your competitor.

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Let us pinpoint the areas you need to focus on to help
you make the right data-driven decision


We go deep! Birdie drills down and gets to the details.  Understand everything about your product and your competitors’ in the most granular and detailed way.


Real-time and all-the-time! Birdie is constantly extracting and processing content from the sources that most impact you, ensuring you never miss a beat.


Turning data into action! Birdie transforms noisy information into granular insights and recommendations that are easy to act on.


We listen to all sources that matter to your business. We are listening to consumers, experts, influencers, bloggers, call centers, and many others.


Observational over self-report! Birdie uses AI and NLP for data-processing, removing unconscious human bias while improving accuracy and efficiency.


Relax, no need to worry! We’re doing everything automatically and delivering actionable insights back to you.


Ready for real-time actionable insights?