Increase your marketing efficiency with real-time product insights

Identify the power attributes that people and influencers love and hate about your products and competitors and increase your marketing efficiency.

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Real-time product insights to take marketing to the next level

Easy access to information has given the power back to consumers. And to succeed, brands must differentiate themselves by carefully listening and quickly adjusting to consumer’s request. We help you do that with live insights from reports such as the ones below.

Brand and Categories mentions overtime

Explore how often your brand and categories are mentioned in consumers and expert reviews.

Filtering mentions by channel allows you to understand how one’s vision impact on the other’s decisions.

Category Breakdown

Understand your category competitors.

See the “Popularity Share” among your brand and your competitors and explore the most commonly mentioned attributes in each category.

Product Breakdown

Learn how your consumers and their influencers feel about your products.

See the combined rating for the most commonly mentioned attributes or filter by audience and channel.

Channel breakdown

Explore the main experts and influencers talking about your brand and products. Learn whether they are promoters or detractors for your brand and how much they impact consumer’s opinion.

How it works

Birdie’s AI-based technology constantly collects, structures, matches, analyzes, and relates user and expert reviews collected from 1000+ sources, bundling it into ready to use solutions for online stores.



Birdie collects huge amounts of product data, such as user ratings & reviews, product specs, best lists, user manuals, and more.

That data is crawled from multiple sources like blogs, magazines, youtube channels, forums, and brand websites.


Structure & Analyze

All that content is processed, curated, and matched to ensure we create a set of data that is exclusively related to an specific product.

Using our proprietary Cognitive Model, Birdie relates all that content to group them into categories that make sense for each product considering real users and experts’ opinions, while also building a ranking for the products with pros and cons for each use case.



Birdie organizes and displays that database in different experiences that can be easily integrated into any e-commerce with an automatic our database is then match to it’s product portfolio, or accessed via an API.

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