Real-Time, Granular, and Actionable Insights

Identify opportunities to optimize sales and brand performance.

Insights & Recommendations

Birdie automatically generates insights and suggests action plans to help you improve products, marketing, and communication.

Competitors Benchmark

Gain an in-depth understanding of how you measure up to your competitors–in each product attribute–and get the insights to always stay ahead.

Brand and Products mentions over time

Find out when your products are mentioned over time from the sources that most impact your sales–consumer reviews, influencers, bloggers, etc.

Product Analysis and Product Attributes Breakdown

Understand what each source is saying about a specific product. Analyze who mentioned, where it was mentioned, and what was said about it.

Look at the rating from all sources combined or filter as much as you like. Dive even deeper to analyze how one particular attribute has changed over time.

Sources breakdown

Explore what a particular source is saying about your brand, product, and attributes and how it affects your business. Understand who are your promoters or detractors and how much they impact your sales.

Ready for real-time actionable insights?